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pinterest broke my washer…

on August 29, 2012

ok, well, not literally…but it is a good, attention grabbing title! 😉

it’s no secret that i love pinterest, it is my “go-to” site and my favorite “time-suck” tool! and in an attempt to actually use some of the “pins” i have pinned, i ended up breaking my washer in the process. my vain attempt to wash out that “yuck, wet towel” smell from my towels is what caused all my problems. well, maybe not so vain, since the process did work for the towel smell…the broken washer was just a bad side effect. as it turns out, my washer didn’t like to be switched between the  hot water & cold water setting and therefore, the temp switch control (or whatever it’s called) broke. and me, being the resourceful cheap girl i am, decided that i was going to diagnose & fix the problem myself…thereby saving us money. but of course, the easier smarter thing would have been to just call a repair guy & have it over & done with, but sometimes i’m not into taking the easy route (i’m not always smart, either)!

now, because i am southern & know how to drag a story out longer than it needs to be, i will simply say in my sweetest southern twang…i ordered the part, nearly lost my mind waiting for the part, fixed the washer when the part finally arrived, & gladly (grudgingly) returned to my queen of the laundry status 4 days after the whole ordeal started. long story even shorter: no more whirlpool washers for me & i’ll call a handyman/repair guy the next time i have any kind of washer troubles!

so, i played a lovely game of laundry catch-up over the weekend and now we’re back to normal levels of laundry that i ignore until i give in & start the vicious cycle all over again.

~side note/bragging~hubby took a couple loads of laundry to the local laundromat so that i wouldn’t have to…love him!~

now, back to pinterest i go, off to find more tips/tricks/recipes/etc. to do…hopefully without the side effect of broken appliances! 🙂

and in case anyone wants it, here’s the link to the laundry/towel washing tip (i used the vinegar method)…just be sure you can switch from hot to cold without breaking your machine! 😉



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