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my silhouette saga…

on February 20, 2013

ok, so here’s my “little” vent about my wait to receive the silhouette portrait that i won through a multi-blog thanksgiving giveaway. enough time has passed for me to not be as angry as i was, but in all honesty, i’m still a little miffed that it took so long to get everything sorted out & taken care of.

i won!

i won!

so, it all started when i entered a ton of silhouette giveaways right before thanksgiving. now, i always enter contests that have prizes that i really want/need/can use/whatever, but i never win so you can imagine my surprise to see that i had indeed won! i was so excited (like giddy-little-girl excited!) and could not wait to receive my portrait & get crafting with it.

i fully anticipated having to wait a week before they would ship it out, given that it was thanksgiving & the company had a big black friday sale and i was fine with that. however, after 2 weeks passed & i hadn’t received my portrait, nor had i heard from the company, that’s when i started to get a little anxious. so, i decided to email the company just to check & see when i could expect them to be shipping out the giveaway prizes. they were very nice & responded quickly & i was left with the impression that i would get my machine within the following 2 weeks.

unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. 4 weeks had passed since the contest ended & i still didn’t have my prize so all my hopes of making christmas cards, gifts, & decorations were gone. that may have added to my anger…it certainly didn’t help diminish it…because i was angry, very, very angry. and again, i emailed the company & again was told that it would ship out within a week.

and again, it wasn’t. 6 weeks passed before i finally reached the end of my rope & decided it was high time i became a “burr in the butt” of the man who had been telling me that my portrait would be shipping out. and that seems to be what got everything taken care (finally), because as it turned out my information had somehow missed being input into the system (how i don’t know) and my machine wasn’t sent out when all the others were. had i not emailed & followed up & pestered this man, my machine might never have been shipped out! so, in the end, my nagging persistence paid off & i received my portrait almost a week (because of shipping distance) after my information was finally processed & my nagging persistent emails had begun! (just under 7 weeks from the end of the contest.)

it’s been a little over a month since i (finally) received my silhouette & i have more than made up for lost time! i must admit, while i won’t say that i enjoyed the wait…it certainly was worth the wait! i love this machine & use it almost daily! i have upgraded to the designer software so i have more creative freedom & opportunity & am happily trying to figure it all out!

my long-wait/saga hasn’t “burned” me enough to keep away from giveaways…it has, however, made me more apt to follow up with estimated shipping & receiving times so that i can avoid another angry, aggravation filled wait. of course, that only matters if i actually win anything ever again :)!

so now i leave you with a sample of some of the things i’ve made with the help of my silhouette portrait…enjoy!


2 responses to “my silhouette saga…

  1. Roxanne says:

    Sometimes you have to be persistant to get things. 🙂

  2. Roxanne says:

    Guess I could spell persistent correctly 🙂

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