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momma’s night out

on October 23, 2013

i am a big matt nathanson fan…i just love his music. so when he announced his touring schedule some 4+ months ago, i was thrilled to see charleston on the list & bought myself a ticket the day they went one sale. (yes, i bought just 1 ticket…my hubby is not a fan of matt’s music or of crowds & someone needed to watch the kiddos. plus, i really do like going to concerts by myself).

so, i was very excited when last night finally arrived & i was headed out to the music farm for a much needed night out!

he put on a great show & i was not disappointed, and in the process of watching the show i learned a few things about myself…look at me always trying to learn something, even from my entertainment 😉

so, i learned that i can park in parking garages without the fear of hitting/driving into a concrete wall (it’s happened before & i’m not proud of it & yes, sadly, i was sober when it happened), i really like small venues, being by myself has good & bad sides…good side: i can stand wherever i want; bad side: there’s no one to “save my spot” when i go to the restroom or get a beer, but sadly, i still haven’t learned to wear the appropriate footwear for 3.5 hours of standing.

also, with last night’s concert i figured out that i am too old to be around 20-somethings (and there were a lot there) it just made me feel like “the old girl in the room” even though i am younger than matt nathanson (he’s 40! & i’m 37).
of course, that’s not going to stop me from going to concerts, i’ll just have to remember to have extra patience that day.

and more & more, i’m learning to leave my phone/camera in my purse, just enjoy the show, & not worry about taking pictures. of course, i did take some pics, bit blurry but i had to try. (his drummer has the biggest afro i have ever seen on a white man & i tried desperately to get a picture!)

and for those less than familiar with matt nathanson, these are 2 of my favorite songs of us. enjoy!






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