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Sometimes I forget that I have a blog (or I’m just too lazy to keep it updated) πŸ˜‰

Long time, no write…it’s been a while since I posted much of anything. And I’d like to say that it’s because I’ve been super busy, but truthfully I’ve just been super lazy. So, here I am…updating things from the last 6 (!) months.

I’ve done lots of sewing (and I’ll post lots of pics πŸ˜‰) and am now pretty deep in summer vacation planning. We’ve decided, much to hubby’s dismay, to head back to Orlando & make this year’s trip all about Disney & Universal! The kids & I are super excited, the hubby not so much 😁. *He’s not a fan of crowds, so any amusement park is not generally his idea of a good time.* I did find out that the boys can dive the aquarium at Epcot as part of a program called DiveQuest, so they will be able to get in at least one dive during our trip. I’ve spent countless hours online making all kinds of budgets for the trip…price comparing all the available options & just generally driving myself a bit nutty with all the information! But I think I’ve got it all figured out now & just have the next few months to get everything finalized…buying tickets, making reservations & such. It should be fun & I know that I’ll have tons of pictures to post come mid August 😊.

And now for the sewing stuff (yea!). I have found a wonderful creative community of makers on Instagram & fully confess that I am just a little obsessed with it! There are so many creative people & such beautiful sewing work can be found there, that it’s a bit hard not to be a little obsessive about looking at all the pictures that people post 😊. So, because of IG & all the inspiration there, I have started sewing a lot more and taking part in swaps…and I love the swaps! This year I have limited myself to just swaps of mini quilts, the Sew Together Bag swap being the only exception. There are so many different swaps & it can get a bit overwhelming, but for the most part, it’s been fun & I really enjoying making things for other people & getting to know them a bit better while in the making process. The bonus is that I end up with wonderful mini quilts that now decorate some of the walls in my house!

I haven’t done near as much garment sewing as I have the past couple years, but I plan on getting back into that before summer…I can always use more tank tops, tees, summer dresses, & skirts πŸ˜‰. Last year I took part in the “summer of no pants” wearing skirts or dresses for most, if not all of summer. And I’m kinda looking forward to doing that again this summer…I really liked it & honestly, that surprised me since I’m not a typical “wear pretty skirts & dresses” kind of girl πŸ˜‰. But, it was fun & enjoyable & really made some days wardrobe decision very easy since I could just throw on a tank dress & be done with it 😊.

And now that I’ve blathered on for far too long & have completely lost track of what I had intended to write, I’ll add a few pics & post this baby to the interwebs & be on with my day! Thanks so much for bearing with me & letting me ramble, I’d like to say that I’ll post again soon & ramble less, but odds aren’t really in my favor given my previous track record πŸ˜‰. But I will try…especially since I can write while Jordan is at her band practice…that gives me 2 times a week where I can possibly come up with something to carry on about 😜.

Now for the pictures…cause I can’t have a post without pictures πŸ˜‰. These are just a sample of the things I have made (or the tees that I have bought) over the last 6 months or so. Enjoy 😊.



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Venting just a bit…

So, I’m awful at keeping this thing updated. I know. I feel bad. And will try better. Probably πŸ˜‰.

Anyway, back to why I’m finally posting…this Saturday is my 20th high school reunion! Wow, still can’t believe it’s been 20 years 😳. And much as I thought I would want to go to my reunion, now that it’s here, I’m not at all upset about the fact that I’m not going.

As it turns out, I’m completely content with my decision to skip this. In the end it comes down to finances…we just don’t have it in our budget to make the trip down to GA for a weekend. Especially since we’ll be making our annual trip to Charlotte, NC for the Ren Fest later in October. And as a family, we’d enjoy the NC trip much more than the GA one.

But, if I’m being completely honest here (it is my blog, so if I can’t be honest here, then where can I be πŸ˜‰) there’s not really anyone I want to see. What with the creation of things like Facebook and Twitter, whoever I wanted to know about since graduation can generally be found in one of the those 2 places. Or through a Google search. Yes, I know that online is not the same as in person…but it is helpful sometimes.

I went to my 10 year reunion, I didn’t really enjoy it, and it was simply a reminder that I wasn’t popular and there was a good reason for me always wanting to move away from Smyrna. I never have been one for wanting to stay in the same town where I grew up…that just seems odd to me. Yes, I know there are a good amount of people, generations even, that never move from their hometown and if that’s what they want from life than good for them. I didn’t want that…I wanted to move away, I always wanted to move away. And when given the chance, I took it.

So why would I go back? Even if it is just for one night?

I hope, for the planners, that they have a great turnout.

Ok, here’s the real truth…wine induced though it may be.

I don’t think they planned this well. They didn’t announce the date until 2 months before. And then the price for a single ticket was way more than I ever expected to pay…especially given what that money was paying for. But, maybe I’m cheap…And I have no problem admitting that. But the “early-bird” price of nearly $80 was just too much. Especially if you add in my travel expenses…it would total anywhere from $300-$500 (with hotel, gas, food, etc) and quite frankly that was way too much for me to pay to see people who honestly, probably don’t/wouldn’t remember me.

So, that’s that. It’s been 20 years since I graduated high school. And, more truth, there’s only one person I want to see from my graduating class (that isn’t on Facebook or Twitter or any other social media outlet, that I know of) and I don’t honestly think he’ll be there. But, if by chance he is…someone please let William Hendleman know that I’d like to know how he’s doing 😊. *He was a friend, a great friend but nothing more…lest anyone think I’m trying to find an old boyfriend πŸ˜‰*

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taking the leap…

well, i did it.

i’ve opened an online store, selling handmade bags and pouches.

it’s crazy scary and crazy exciting all at the same time.

it’s a bit sparse right now, but i’m adding more things every week.

i’d love it if you would go and check it out…today, tomorrow, next week…any ol’ time you get a chance!

thanks so much!



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Keeping busy and making all the things!

full disclosure…i am awful at blogging.

so, here are some pics of the things i’ve made over the last few months and a promise that i will come back next week and write a better update with even more pictures :).

but for now, thanks for stopping by & please come back again soon!

p.s…just as an f.y.i…my laptop is still missing its spacebar so posts are started on my ipad & edited (slowly) on my laptop.
















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Pretty much writing drunk…buzzed at the very least


I keep this posted in my office. A little reminder that I shouldn’t take my “writing” so seriously. So, tonight, I’m taking my own found advice and writing drunk…I’ll edit in the morning when I’m sober (if I remember that is).

It’s been a very trying week for me. And it’s not because of one specific thing, just a lot of tiny, little things that all seemed to gang up on me at once. It’s like death-by-a-thousand-cuts, only it’s not death since I’m obviously still here & able to write this rambling piece of slightly drunken dribble. *And, yes, I just made myself laugh with that last little comment.*

There are times, though they are thankfully few & far between, when I get very frustrated with life and the lack of a real clear path that I think I need to be on. When motivation and productivity come to a screeching halt & I’m left forcing myself to do the most basic of things like getting out of bed to take care of my children, husband, cats, household, etc., those are my really bad days. And, though they do happen, they happen only a few times a year and they are manageable. But, if I’m being honest, the fact that they happen at all, sometimes worries me. And, honestly, I don’t need anymore worry in my life. So, I force myself to just get through those days the best I can and for the most part I do make it “safely to the other side” so to speak.

I’ve yet to just flat out refuse to get out of bed or do the most basic of things like taking the kids to school, so I’m guessing that means that I am winning the battle with myself…and that’s worth something 😊.

*doesn’t take morning or soberness πŸ˜‰ for me to re-think pushing the publish button* but, i am going to leave this out there for myself as a reminder that i should stay far away from any electronics that give me easy access to my blog or any other form of social media for that matter :).

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This is me…


So I’ve had this post written in my head for a few days now & have finally decided to actually get it out of my head & put it it out there to the world 😊.

This is me…wards (so to speak) and all.

I am a wife…not always a good one, but my husband loves me anyway and for that I am very blessed & grateful.

I am a mom…not always a good one, but my kids love me anyway (most of the time πŸ˜‰). I am also very blessed & grateful for that.

I am a crafter & sewist…not always a good one, but I’m learning. Every mistake I make is a chance to learn & improve. Over the years I have tried many different crafts & think I have finally found my niche with sewing.

I am selfish…this I know & this I try to work on. It’s hard, but everyday I try. Some days are better than others.

I am lazy…with cleaning the house, exercising, yard-work, and the list could go on & on. Everyday I try & everyday I fail…but, I’m ok with that. I probably shouldn’t be, but I am. I prefer to spend my time in my sewing room or on my iPad.

I am approaching my 40’s (I’ll be 38 next month). It took me 5-6 years to be comfortable in my 30’s and I’m really hoping it doesn’t take that long to be comfortable in my 40’s, too.

I am not a writer…I’d like to be, or at least I thought I did at one point. Lately I find that I want to craft more than write & that’s ok…it just means that I’ll write when the mood strikes rather than trying to force it.

I am a wife, mother, crafter, creator, selfish, lazy, not good with aging, non neat freak, non clean freak, sometimes cook & baker, sometimes writer just trying to figure out what I want from the rest of my life.

Thanks for following along πŸ˜€.

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Sewing round-up…

Since I’ve been quite neglectful of my blog lately, here’s a lovely picture roundup of all the sewing I’ve been doing over the last few weeks!

Yes, I’m being lazy & only posting pics. I know, but writing is just not “in me” these days. I’d like to say that I’ll try harder, but odds are I won’t. Much as I thought I wanted to be a blogger, I realize that writing isn’t always my strongest trait. I’m much better at sewing & taking pictures…so I’ll be sticking with that…at least for a little bit :).

PS…the 2 selfies at the bottom are before & after hair coloring pics…went from dark brown to what my hubby refers to as “hooker red”. it’s not quite the red i was going for, but i guess it’s better than “clown red” :).

PPS…all the pics were taken with my ipad & most are the instagram version.














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Quick update while I workout…why not?!

This will be interesting…I’m finally updating here while I workout…multitasking at its finest πŸ™‚

So, I’m back on a workout/exercise schedule I can live with…riding our exercise bike for 11-12 miles 5-6 days a week. 2 weeks in & by now, honestly, I would have given up, but I have a goal of losing 10 pounds before we head back to St. Croix in June so there’s no giving up this time.


our workout corner

We had Jordan’s first ever slumber party this past Friday and everything went off without much of a hitch. The girls all seemed to have a great time & Jordan told me it was the best time she’d ever had! (She’s been saying that a lot lately, but I’ll still take it!)


Jordan’s party invites…thanks to my Silhouette Portrait


Birthday “wreath” per Jordan’s request


Goodie bins for the girls


I added their names in vinyl…they picked out the color they

So far it’s already been a busy month…my old sewing machine broke so I had to get a new one & my husband was sweet enough to let me get the really nice one that I’ve wanted for the last couple years. We’re calling it my early anniversary/Mother’s Day/birthday present and I am loving it!


my new Singer machine!

And because the new machine was going to be bigger than the old one (it has a removable extension table), I took that opportunity to build myself a new sewing table.


work in progress…one leg painted, one more to go


the finished table…ready to be used

I still have some doll furniture to finish for Jordan, I’m working on lots more clothes for my spring & summer wardrobe, and I’m a pattern tester for the first time (so excited about that & I’ll post more about it when I can). So I’m busy, busy, busy and naturally things get neglected…like blogging or cleaning or laundry or all of those things. But, I’m slowly catching up with all those things & will eventually find a groove that works for me!

I’ll work on posting pics of all the clothes I’ve made so far…but for now I must get to all that neglected laundry before we’re all left naked!


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Almost a post, but not really…


This isn’t really a post.

This is just me enjoying the quiet evening by the fire pit while I wait for the fire to burn out.

I’m listening to all the sounds of nature around me & really, just enjoying the quiet, calmness of it all.

So, this isn’t a real post with updates & stuff. This is just me sharing a little bit of the things that I enjoy…the warmth from the fire & the sounds of life around me :).


a little wine by the fire



me with my crochet wrap waiting for it to get dark enough for the fire to be lit.


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Trying something new…


So, given that tablets are everywhere and, thanks to my wonderful hubby, I now have one that won’t kick me back to the home screen every 5 minutes, I will be trying my hand at writing & posting some of my updates straight from my iPad air. Fingers crossed that I can figure it all out without losing too much of my patience.

And, it’s already turning out to be a BIG patience tester! I had a whole post written out & ready to go, until I added pics without saving the draft first & lost everything I had written. UGH.

But, I’m letting it go (as per my mantra for this year, “let it go”) and moving on…and saving before I add pictures.

So, here’s hoping that all my future posts are less stress inducing & I get all this figured out sooner rather than later :)!

P.S…most of these pics come from Instagram (I just love that app!) where I’m craftymomma24_7 if you want to follow me!





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