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Sewing round-up…

Since I’ve been quite neglectful of my blog lately, here’s a lovely picture roundup of all the sewing I’ve been doing over the last few weeks!

Yes, I’m being lazy & only posting pics. I know, but writing is just not “in me” these days. I’d like to say that I’ll try harder, but odds are I won’t. Much as I thought I wanted to be a blogger, I realize that writing isn’t always my strongest trait. I’m much better at sewing & taking pictures…so I’ll be sticking with that…at least for a little bit :).

PS…the 2 selfies at the bottom are before & after hair coloring pics…went from dark brown to what my hubby refers to as “hooker red”. it’s not quite the red i was going for, but i guess it’s better than “clown red” :).

PPS…all the pics were taken with my ipad & most are the instagram version.














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Quick update while I workout…why not?!

This will be interesting…I’m finally updating here while I workout…multitasking at its finest 🙂

So, I’m back on a workout/exercise schedule I can live with…riding our exercise bike for 11-12 miles 5-6 days a week. 2 weeks in & by now, honestly, I would have given up, but I have a goal of losing 10 pounds before we head back to St. Croix in June so there’s no giving up this time.


our workout corner

We had Jordan’s first ever slumber party this past Friday and everything went off without much of a hitch. The girls all seemed to have a great time & Jordan told me it was the best time she’d ever had! (She’s been saying that a lot lately, but I’ll still take it!)


Jordan’s party invites…thanks to my Silhouette Portrait


Birthday “wreath” per Jordan’s request


Goodie bins for the girls


I added their names in vinyl…they picked out the color they

So far it’s already been a busy month…my old sewing machine broke so I had to get a new one & my husband was sweet enough to let me get the really nice one that I’ve wanted for the last couple years. We’re calling it my early anniversary/Mother’s Day/birthday present and I am loving it!


my new Singer machine!

And because the new machine was going to be bigger than the old one (it has a removable extension table), I took that opportunity to build myself a new sewing table.


work in progress…one leg painted, one more to go


the finished table…ready to be used

I still have some doll furniture to finish for Jordan, I’m working on lots more clothes for my spring & summer wardrobe, and I’m a pattern tester for the first time (so excited about that & I’ll post more about it when I can). So I’m busy, busy, busy and naturally things get neglected…like blogging or cleaning or laundry or all of those things. But, I’m slowly catching up with all those things & will eventually find a groove that works for me!

I’ll work on posting pics of all the clothes I’ve made so far…but for now I must get to all that neglected laundry before we’re all left naked!


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Almost a post, but not really…


This isn’t really a post.

This is just me enjoying the quiet evening by the fire pit while I wait for the fire to burn out.

I’m listening to all the sounds of nature around me & really, just enjoying the quiet, calmness of it all.

So, this isn’t a real post with updates & stuff. This is just me sharing a little bit of the things that I enjoy…the warmth from the fire & the sounds of life around me :).


a little wine by the fire



me with my crochet wrap waiting for it to get dark enough for the fire to be lit.


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Trying something new…


So, given that tablets are everywhere and, thanks to my wonderful hubby, I now have one that won’t kick me back to the home screen every 5 minutes, I will be trying my hand at writing & posting some of my updates straight from my iPad air. Fingers crossed that I can figure it all out without losing too much of my patience.

And, it’s already turning out to be a BIG patience tester! I had a whole post written out & ready to go, until I added pics without saving the draft first & lost everything I had written. UGH.

But, I’m letting it go (as per my mantra for this year, “let it go”) and moving on…and saving before I add pictures.

So, here’s hoping that all my future posts are less stress inducing & I get all this figured out sooner rather than later :)!

P.S…most of these pics come from Instagram (I just love that app!) where I’m craftymomma24_7 if you want to follow me!





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snowed in…sort of

here in the coastal south, we rarely get snowed/iced in…we’re just not used to it. and so when it does happen, we (mainly I) tend to take lots of pictures of even the smallest amounts of the fluffy white stuff.

today there’s still ice on the houses, cars, trees, ground, etc., but everything will be back to normal (kids in school, temps back in the 50’s) tomorrow & in a few months time, i’m sure we’ll be wishing for the cold to come back once again. we (again, mainly I) curse & complain about the cold when it’s here, but miss it like crazy when the heat & humidity of spring/summer/fall rolls around.

so while the kiddos enjoy their second day of no school, i’m hoping to get some sewing and crafting done since yesterday was spent doing a whole lot of nothin’!

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what i should be doing…

i should be cleaning the house.

i should be folding the mountain of laundry that i have piled up on our bed.

i should be loading the dishwasher.

i should be filing the last few months worth of paperwork from my husband’s business.

but what i should be doing and what i’m actually doing are 2 completely different things.

because what i’m really doing is surfing the internet in search of new sewing patterns & trying to decide if i really should buy made by rae’s ruby dress pattern. (link included 😉 http://www.made-by-rae.com/2013/09/ruby-dress-top-pattern-is-here/)

there’s a big difference between what i should be doing and what i’m actually doing.

and i’m totally ok with that :)!

p.s. i’m also reading




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a goal & a mantra for 2014

now that we’re nearly half way through the first month of 2014, i figured i should finally get to my blog.

i’ve determined that i’d like to make the majority of my wardrobe for this year. the exception being jeans & undergarments…yes, there are patterns out there to make them, but there are just some things i’ll leave to the experts. so, i’ve written out my list of patterns to work on each month, bit the bullet (so to speak) and bought some of the more advanced patterns that i’ve been wanting to try, and will just generally be sewing up a storm so that i can keep myself dressed in as many handmade items as i can. i’m really excited about this…i’m finding that i enjoy making clothes for myself & there are so many wonderful fabrics & patterns out there that i want to try so this should be really fun & a great learning experience! 🙂


my list of sewing patterns to make for myself this year


small sample of the newest patterns i’ll be working with

and as part of my sewing goal, i have started trying to build in at least one day where i have to finish one of the many projects that i’ve started, but for whatever reason put away before i finished it. i’m calling it #finishfriday & have so far finished up an altered seafarer top that i originally cut in december & finished up a julia women’s cardigan pattern that i had recently purchased. i’m hoping planning to write up reviews for those projects later this week…another part of my goals for this year, blogging more & finally putting my thoughts/reviews of the many sewing patterns i’m trying.


current works in progress, maxi skirt & julia cardigan

i have also decided to embrace a simple 3 word mantra, let it go,  for this year & hope to live up to that as i go forward. i tend to overthink & hold onto things for longer than i really should, so, “let it go” is the perfect thing for me to work on. fingers crossed that i can learn to just let go & let it all go.

so, while i do have other goals in mind for this year, i’m off to get sewing & let go of all my expectations of getting everything done in one day…there are 7 days in a week & there’s no reason why i shouldn’t take advantage of all of them ;)!

i’ll come back to share my other goals once i finally figure them out :)!


everybody’s doing it, guess i will too…

2013 is hours away from being over so here’s my year-end review…mostly in picture form since i’ve got so many things still to do before the day is over.

thanks so much for all the following, page views, sharing, liking, etc…it really does mean a lot to me!

my goals (i don’t like the word “resolutions”)  for 2014  are fairly straight-forward, small, & pretty easy for me to stick to (makes it easier on my lazy self if i don’t plan too much).

~blogging goal for 2014 is to write at least 2 posts a month…it’s a goal i’m fairly certain that i can successfully stick to, but of course time will tell.

~crafting/sewing goals are a bit more involved…building more things with wood, sewing with knits more, finally overcoming my “fear” of sewing with zippers, working with my silhouette machine more, & just generally spending as much time as i possibly can making myself into a better, more experienced crafter & sewist.

so happy new year to all! hope 2014 brings you all the things you hope it will!

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being lazy…just because

today is a lazy day, just because.

so while the kids are at school, i’m spending the day snuggled up with one of the cats & watching a bit of Netflix & Doctor Who (oh, how i love Netflix & a Doctor Who marathon!)

plus, tova #4 is  turning out to be a pain in the ass, so i’m taking a break from it before it completely drives me crazy.

also, i have tons of Christmas crafting to get to in the few days & weeks, so any lazy day i can take before the craziness begins is a bonus in my book!

so, today is a lazy day…tomorrow i will take on whatever craziness comes!

my snuggle cat for the day

my snuggle cat for the day

my halloween costume, since i forgot to include a pic last time.

my halloween costume, since i forgot to include a pic last time.

the tova causing me problems!

the tova causing me problems!

oh, and i found out that my blog theme has different backgrounds to match the seasons…so, i’ve changed to the winter one (i didn’t like the fall/autumn one & it’s nearly winter anyway).


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putting myself out there

<a href=”http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/11264747/?claim=spqj8t63apr”>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

and in another effort to further put my little blog out into the world, i am now on bloglovin…or i’m at least trying to be (hoping the link works, fingers crossed).



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